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Portrait in black and white of the artist Dulguun


Dulguun Baatarsukh was born in 1984 in Ulaanbaatar and graduated in 2005 from the School of Fine Arts of the Mongolian University of Arts and Culture with a degree in Fashion Design and Painting. She is a member of the "Nomad Wave" female performance art group and of the "Blue Sun" contemporary art movement. Her perception of humans is singular and allows her unique imagination to grant her characters with often supernatural features. She currently paints and designs clothes with artistic components.

A composition about the Mongolian yurt

« Waiting »

2013 Mixed Media Diam. 190cm

This painting has a round shape, that of the Mongolian yurt, representing the idea of a never ending, eternal circle. In the center of its composition there is an upper frame of the yurt, and people waiting. This work reflects the idea of people’s anticipation, not of something coming from outside, but anticipation of something from within themselves.

A picture about dreams


2013 Mixed media 110 x 80 cm

“Dream” is actually the Artist’s dream. In other words, a dream, a night vision or a mirage. In brief, this painting expresses something hidden among clouds, something abstract, yet something existing inside any human soul.

A painting about the value of feelings


2013 Acrylic on canvas 100 x 100 cm

In this painting, Dulguun has tried to express the following: Usually when people measure something they use the scales to weigh it. For instance, we calculate the weight of something by putting it on one pan of scales and balancing it with the weight on the other pan. Yet some things related to human soul and mind cannot be weighed in that manner. Sometimes same sized things can be equal, but in other instances totally different or big and small things can match.

How people are connected together

2013 Mixed media 100x60cm

All the people around us, everyone is the continuation of someone else and everyone is the beginning of somebody. To express this idea the sleeves in the painting are long, which symbolizes that with their help someone can be connected to somebody else.