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The artist Javkhaa in her studio

Ulziijavkhlan Adyabaatar

Ulziijavkhlan Adyabaatar (Javkhaa) was born in 1981 in Dundgobi province. After graduating from the School of Fine Arts of the Mongolian University of Arts and Culture, she has become an independent artist who often depicts life, people and animals in the countryside of Mongolia.
She is particularly interested in passing Mongolian culture and traditions to the next generations.
Her paintings are realistic and often convey the image of a very serene Mongolia where humans, fauna and flora are always in close interrelationship.
Her paintings are in correspondance with the ecological art (eco-art)

Artistic painting  of the Gobi desert

"Great Peacefulness of Mongolia"

2013 Oil on canvas 130x150 cm

Javkhaa has depicted a female camel with her twin colts in the large Gobi Desert that covers a great part of Mongolia. A female camel bears young only once in 2 years and she rarely gives birth to twin colts. When this happens, Mongolians take it as a good omen and celebrate. The artist also depicted an old, gray haired mother. The reason is that Mongolians greatly respect and love their elderly. That’s why Javkhaa has painted a mother gazing into the distance and maybe waiting for her child to come back.

A Buddhist monk in Nature, ecological art

"Stepping on Heavens, Reaching the Earth"

2014 Oil on canvas 95x120cm

The character is a Buddhist monk standing alone in a vast open space, in the midst of heavenly nature. Nowadays everything is constantly moving, evolving and changing. A person should be close to Nature, protecting the environment of the earth. A man should reach deep inside his own soul. And peacefulness is something needed by human kind. This painting was created summing up all these ideas.