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The painter Muujii in her workshop.

Munkhtsetseg Batmunkh

Munkhtsetseg Batmunkh (Muujii) was born in 1982 in Ulaanbaatar. She is an artist sensitive to the nature and to the human condition in her beloved Mongolia.
Through modern art, she raises questions about environment protection, cultural heritage and society. She also aims to demonstrate a woman’s inner essence, beauty, perfection and emotions with only paint and colors.
Her particularity is that she often expresses herself on natural materials such as the Mongolian felt, that material used for the walls of the yurt.

The serenity of the goddess Tara


2014 Oil on canvas 160 x 150 cm

The sitting character is Mongolian Green Goddess "Tara". There is great peacefulness and serenity in this woman bearing her child and listening to the sounds of her child in stillness. As an idea of eternity Mother Nature is actually represented in this woman. Behind her, an aureole of intelligence, like a sun; the sun always gives its warmth to others, it gives its warmth to sustain life. The brown shape at the bottom represents an extinct planet. If man cuts off his main essence from its root, he will in due time die out. Same as this, if we won’t love our natural environment as a mother loves her child, our Earth will eventually become an extinct planet.

The serenity of the goddess Tara


2009 Oil on canvas 120 x 90 cm

This painting has a symbolic meaning and depicts White Goddess "Tara", in the lotus sitting position. In Buddhist religious art, it symbolizes purity and also expresses woman’s virginity. The character is a 16 years old, pure and clean, beautiful, peaceful character. She is holding a rose with her ring finger which expresses that every woman will marry with her loved one and will have children. A golden image at her belly depicts a mother’s womb as the sacred organ where a woman bears her child. The white veil wrapped around her body symbolizes the innocence of her heart. There is a rectangular shape inserted at her back that symbolizes a male presence...

A picture, symbol of the destiny of women.


2015 Oil on canvas 120 x 160 cm

This is the portrait of a woman who has got cancer. There is a light in a shaded place and there is a shadow in a place full of light, as any person’s life is governed by the law of opposites and of happiness and sorrow cycles. Modern fine arts mingle with Mongolian painting style: The shadowed part is the fine art part and it shows that person’s real life whereas the light part is made in the Mongolian painting style that makes images of gods. When searching for goodness, one can find out one’s own true nature, one can see the value of one’s own life. Maybe through that search, one can overcome one’s illness.

La beauté de la femme symbole

2015 Oil on canvas 120 x 80 cm

A woman’s tender heart and beauty in the form of a dream, as floating among clouds or drifting in water. Color of tender skin, the pretty woman looks like melodious, like a soft sound. Softness and tenderness.