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Ganbold, artiste-peintre, dans son atelier

Ganbold Dorjderem

Ganbold Dorjderem (Bono) was born in 1982 in Ulaanbaatar. He is the grandson of the famous Mongolian artist Minjuur Ch.
Since he was young, he has loved drawing and sculpting. He has graduated from the School of Fine Arts of the Mongolian University of Arts and Culture. He has a bright color mindset shooting instants of life in Mongolia.
Being currently professor of arts in Ulaanbaatar, he conveys his values of modernism and somewhat realism in his paintings.
His design and painting style could allow us to view him as “the Picasso of Mongolia”.

Camels in the Gobi Desert

"Looming Gobi"

2014 Oil on canvas 120x120cm

A mirage in the Gobi Desert, a Gobi Desert household, Gobi Desert colors and camels. Discontinuous and continuous shapes and lines of camels as the mirage would have them appear to you. An outstanding piece of art sweating illusions of camels in the heat and dizziness of the Gobi.

Horses in full gallop

"Clatter like the Wind"

2013 Oil on canvas 150x100 cm

Mongolians exalt their horses. The horses here are galloping, bolting or flying up to the sky. Interestingly, their movements are shown precisely as if you were looking at them from above. Background is bright red and horses are black and white, in deep contrast with the background.

farm animals in summer

"A Broiling Day"

2013 Oil on canvas 120x160cm

Mingling cows in the heat of the summer as if they were searching for the shade of each other, which creates an endless movement among them.

Mongolian woman dancing
"Sunny Rain"

2012 Oil on canvas 99x150 cm

The painting unveils the inner soul of a woman, her joy and her sadness, her excitement. This is a Mongolian woman with her ornaments, in her movements, her changing style. Entranced by the rain as a gift of nature, the woman dances her soul away.