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The Mongolian artist Tuvshoo in front of his paintings

Tuvshinjargal Tsend-Ayush

Tuvshinjargal Tsend-Ayush (Tuvshoo) was born in 1982 in Ulaanbaatar . Educated at the "Anima" Fine Arts college in Ulaanbaatar (1997-2001), she has obtained a Bachelor's Degree from the Faculty of Painting of the Mongolian University of Arts and Culture.
Tuvshoo has a gift for depicting life, society and its bonds: family, friends, …
Colourful paintings are the main traits of her artworks, and her drawing style, somewhat simple though elaborated, is quite singular.

The three stages of women life

"Tears of Joy"

2013 Acrylic on canvas 100x130 cm

These three women are not three different characters but are in fact one same woman at different stages of her life. The character in the middle depicts someone who has fallen in love and sheds a tear of joy. And the other ones are one becoming a woman and one beginning to feel mother's love.

An image of people happiness

"Yellow Day"

2010 Oil on canvas 70x50 cm

This just shows happiness, just to make people rejoice and make them feel happy.

An image of the family life


2014 Oil on canvas 100x100cm

Actually this is Tuvshoo's family. She got inspired by the things each one in the family plays with. Husband always plays war-type computer games, so he is painted wearing military, landing force uniform. Tuvshoo likes to play jigsaw puzzle games, so she is dressed in a puzzle pattern-like dress. Her son loves to play Lego and constructing things. So he got a Lego type T-shirt. Her daughter was very young at that time. She was just one year old at the time of the painting. She had a doll and it symbolized her future that she would become a mother one day.