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The Mongolian artist Zulaa in her workshop

Munkhzul Bundgaa

Munkhzul Bundgaa (aka Zulaa) was born in 1985 in Ulaanbaatar; in 2012, she obtained a bachelor degree from the School of Fine Arts of the University of Arts and Culture of Mongolia.
She is an emerging young artist with great sensitivity for mankind.
She relates to Mother Nature and God in her own way, from spirituality to the essence of life.
She paints watercolors as she believes this technique, although more difficult to master than others, allows to better convey human emotions.

The meal of the little child in Mongolia

"Delicious Food"

2014 Watercolor on paper 38x27 cm

This painting softly depicts moments of daily life, enshrined by the mother's eyes. The child is very cute and innocent and isn’t ashamed of anything. The child’s eyes express that. The saliva is leaking from his mouth. The painting shows the relationship between the mother and her child. It is obvious that a mother will pour out all of her heart in making a meal for her child. And when the child eats the food his mother has made, it tastes delicious to him. It shows that the child’s heart is full as well.

Watercolor of a Mongolian child crying after a riding accident

"Horse Racing Child"

2015 Watercolor on paper 45 x 35 cm

This refers to one of the three sports of Mongolian men, particularly horse racing. It demonstrates the fact that very young children compete in those races. As for this child, she was horse racing and fell off her horse and now she is frustrated because she scratched the skin of her leg. Watercolors allow to perfectly show her facial expression of anger and frustration.

Traditional painting of a Mongolian god

"Gods' Conversation"

2014 Gouache on canvas 44x28 cm

The artwork, with features of Mongolian traditional painting style, tries to penetrate the inner world of Gods, who are talking about good deeds and sins of humankind.